A New Set of Wheels

Monday, after two feet of snow hit our city, we journeyed seven miles to retrieve my new bike. We spent months of scouring Craigslist and eBay. Our specifications were more touring, less racing, so we sat while visions of carbon fancies spun across the screen. We also sat as brand new bikes two times our … Continue reading A New Set of Wheels

coffee during a blizzard

Coffee during a blizzard is essential. That, in combination with the complete and utter silence a storm like this affords, is recipe for a thought-collecting morning. Thinking of my poor husband who braved the elements to journey to work, though. I forced him into a huge scarf and hat. While not meeting any sartorial standards, it … Continue reading coffee during a blizzard

It Gets Easier

A short note to those of you struggling as you make dietary changes in the name of health, whether it be because of food allergies or intolerances or autoimmune conditions or simply just to feel better: It gets easier: everything from the cravings to the limitations to your social life to the central role the … Continue reading It Gets Easier

Hello, 2016

Greeting you is a relief. The anxiety surging through many months of your predecessor is replaced with a place of calm.This past year was rich in the most forward of ways and poor in ways left undisclosed…rich in experience, for better or for worse, and lessons with the same takeaway. I start this year not with … Continue reading Hello, 2016