Easy Heirloom Gazpacho (gf)

A quick note to say Make this soup. It is as close to a remedy to this characteristic August heat as any.  Come on, fall–which this year includes a certain someone’s 30th and a celebratory trip to Montana(!!). Yeehaw, indeed. But until then, let late summer’s bounty carry me through the steamy days. Gazpacho traditionally has bread … Continue reading Easy Heirloom Gazpacho (gf)

Love Your Farmer: West Chester Growers Market

  Market-goers like myself cannot help but feel the passion and intense effort farmers bring to the table. The nature of the work, necessary grit, conditions, and the reliance on nature itself–a factor that is anything but predictable– is all-consuming and wildly different from the very protected positions most of us serve each day.  Farmers provide for our most basic human … Continue reading Love Your Farmer: West Chester Growers Market