Paris Day 4: “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed in cuisine.” (Le Cordon Bleu Market Tour and Demonstration)

7 thoughts on “Paris Day 4: “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed in cuisine.” (Le Cordon Bleu Market Tour and Demonstration)”

  1. Lisa, I got shivers reading this. Let’s do cooking school in Paris. The snowy picture is gorgeous and I’m so happy we can share a love of the Grand Epicerie and Pierre Herme Macarons!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I’ve been following your posts through TripAdvisor (lauradi). Do you know if there is a .pdf version of the Basic Cuisine Brochure that you mentioned? I’ve checked Le Cordon Bleu’s website but can’t find any 5 week intensive courses.
    Thanks again for sharing your adventure!
    Happy Holidays,

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I loved reading about this day. I want to sign my husband up for a one day course when we are there in April. After reading about your experience I want to sign him up even more. It sounds like so much fun. They say the classes are translated into English but I am concerned about how. Does the instruction repeat in English or is there a translator who repeats everything? I just hope it’s not a written translation while the live class in in french.

    1. Never mind. I read day five and saw you had a translator. Great! Thanks so much for you blog. I feel so much better about enrollment now.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Congrats on your nice blog. Your love and passion for food jumps off the screen. Given your excitement about LCB, I wanted to provide my blog as a source of Le Cordon Bleu Paris info for you and your readers. I kept a daily blog of my Basic Cuisine experiences while taking the Intensive course. It provides a nice insight of life as an LCB student and post culinary school opportunities. My site also refers blogs by friends who have attended some or all of the LCB cuisine or pastry course.


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