Greece: Day 5, Amoudi Bay and Arrival in Naxos

6 thoughts on “Greece: Day 5, Amoudi Bay and Arrival in Naxos”

  1. These photos are unreal! They could win an award. Every single one is filling me with incredible wanderlust. My husband and I went to Greece together many years ago now, and I’m dying to get back. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.

    1. @Ali Thank you so much for visiting my little ol blog and for your kind words about the photos. Where did you go in Greece? Santorini lived up to every expectation, but If you haven’t been to Naxos I highly, highly recommend it. A perfect island with soaring mountains and the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.

      1. I have actually never been to the islands, so Naxos would be high on my list when I get back. I’ve been twice, once with my parents, and we went all over the Peloponnesus. And when Ben and I went, we started in Athens and then drove north and spent a few days in Thessaloniki, which we loved. The whole country is so beautiful, but those islands! I have seen that image of the octopus hanging from several of my friends’ pictures of travels to Greece, and it gets me every time. SO beauitful. I think I’ll go spend a few more hours admiring your photos :)

      2. @Ali Both trips sound incredible! Are you Greek? I would love to go back and spend a nice chunk of time touring the mainland or renting a small apartment on one of the islands. We have a friend who has family in Skopelos so I must go there at some point! So much to see in Greece but there are so many countries I haven’t visited. That octopus image is a classic, one of those “how is this even real?” moments, same as so many on that trip. So glad you’re enjoying them :)

      3. I am! My mother is 100% Greek, not born in Greece, but both sets of her grandparents were all born in Greece. Her mother’s family is from the Peloponnesus and her father’s family is from Macedonia. And I know, there are so many places I haven’t seen and that I am dying to see, but it’s hard to resist going back to a place that is so beautiful. I felt overwhelmed by California — again, so much to see — and never got to half of the places we had hoped to before leaving. Life is too short :)

      4. @Ali Oh you said it! Time is so precious and most obviously so when you’re cramming all your travels into a couple of measly weeks each year. Though it’s never more obvious than at that time how truly fortunate we are to live in the time we do and be able to see the world.

        AND no wonder you’re such a great cook! :)

        Happy Holidays!

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