A Few Words on Almost A Year of Marriage

4 thoughts on “A Few Words on Almost A Year of Marriage”

    1. Hi, Rita. Thanks for your comment! We are definitely visiting Lisbon and hopefully another area too. I would love any suggestions you have for places to see inside and out of Lisbon. Unfortunately we only have a week, but we intend to savor it. -Lisa

  1. Hi Lisa,

    You will love Portugal! I was able to visit a good friend about a year ago there and could not have had a better time. Lisbon itself is small enough and condensed enough that once you get in the city, you can just walk around and explore!

    One of my favorite areas was Principe Real: unique shops, coffee kiosks in parks, and beautiful views of the city.

    Pois cafe in Alfama is also delicious and a healthy stop for lunch.

    And if you want to go to a beach town, I recommend Rua da Praia da Adraga, Sintra, Portugal. You can take a cheap train from Lisbon that’s only thirty minutes away from Sintra. My best friend and I stayed here and loved it : https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3014443?checkin=04%2F12%2F2016&checkout=04%2F15%2F2016&s=xC2x4EFR#host-profile

    Hope this is helpful in any way!

    All the best,

    1. @Jordan Thank you so much for your note. We are so excited! I jotted down the name of the restaurant in Alfama (where we are staying). We are going to be staying in a small town near to Praia da Adraga for half of our trip! It looks so amazing. If you have any other suggestions, please send ’em my way :)

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